Midwest Metro Tennis League (MMTL) is a recreational tennis singles league based in Southeast Michigan that started in summer of 2007. Our vision and goal is to promote the game of tennis through the formation of tennis league tournaments, tennis mixers as well as other tennis related activities.

Playing in the MMTL offers players several benefits, including:

  • Scheduling Flexibility players have the ability to schedule their matches against other opponents at a mutually convenient time and location that works for both players based on their preferred playing location and access to public or private tennis facilities.

  • Access to other tennis players of a similar skill level improve your game through exposure to players of different styles of the same skill level

  • Compete for prizes, gifts as well as the trophy of MMTL tennis champions


20 August 2014

We are now working with Franklin Athletic Club to secure court times for our playoffs on October 11-12, 2014.
If we are able to get the times we wanted, all playoff matches will be held in the afternoon starting at 1:00pm.
Men's Level AA will have 3 rounds.
Men's Level A will have 4 rounds.
Men's Level B will have 3 rounds.
Women's Level AA will have 2 rounds.
Once we have the dates and times confirmed, we will update the Playoffs/Tournament link for more detailed information.

04 July 2014

Rankings and Scores links are now working for all divisions.

03 July 2014

Score submission via website is now available.

For late registration (especially for women's league), please contact us via email, and we will send you the direct link to the registration page if there is still available spot.

30 June 2014

Please be patient with us. It is unfortunate that we have to move our website to a different host as our current host (godaddy) has stopped supporting our website.
Our move to a new host should happen in the next 24 hrs.

24 June 2014

We have sent out the schedules and contact information for the men's league.
If you didn't receive one, please let us know.

There are some players that we were not able to put in any group because of not having enough players (like in the West), but we will notify you formally. If you have paid, we will refund your fee - just give us some time to sort things out.

As for the women's league, we are working on getting more players to form groups, but if we cannot get more players, we will refund your fee if you already paid - we will keep you updated of the progress.

13 October 2013

Congratulations to the winners of the 2013 MMTL season!!!
The playoff matches were mostly evenly matched, and we had great competitions!!!
Please check the results of each bracket.
Pictures of the winners will follow soon!!!

2013 Draws/Brackets

Men's Level AA
Men's Level A
Men's Level B
Women's Level AA


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2013 MMTL Men's and Women's Summer Single's League
Grand Champions

Ritwik Khare
2013 MMTL Men's AA Grand Champion


Nathan Crowe
2013 MMTL Men's A Grand Champion

Chris MacCourtney
2013 MMTL Men's B Grand Champion

Wendy Buttermore
2013 MML Women's AA Grand Champion



2013 MMTL Men's Summer Single's League

Kosuke Sakai
2013 Men's AA Runner-Up


Aurelian Coada
2013 Men's A Runner-up


Leon Niewoit
2013 Men's B Runner-up



2013 MMTL Women's Summer Single's League

Kristine Deguzman
2013 Women's AA Runner-Up


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